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Our Tire and Wheel Name Brands

Tire Repair and Auto Maintenance Services

New Tire Splashing Water

We recognize that quality tires and wheels are not simply an aesthetic plus, but a safety necessity. This is why we have stocked our shop with the name brands that you have come to know and trust. Please drop in or contact us for our entire selection of tire and wheel name brands and auto maintenance services.

Tire Name Brands*

  • Continental™
  • Vogue™
  • General™
  • Cooper™
  • Aurora™
  • Michelin™
  • Hankook™
  • Uniroyal™
  • BF Goodrich™
  • Dunlap™
  • Bridgestone™
  • Goodyear™

*We Can Order Any Name Brand or Size
Used Tires Starting at $12.00 and Up

Wheel and Rim Name Brands

  • ADR™
  • Akuza™
  • Arelli™
  • BBS™
  • Centerline™
  • Cragar
  • Dayton™
  • Focal™
  • ICW Racing™
  • Mossa™
  • OE Performance™
  • OZ™
  • Pacer™
  • Platinum™
  • Roh™
  • Teen Dynamic™
  • Bazo™
  • Strada™

*We Can Order Any Name Brand or Size

New Rim

Enjoy a wide selection of new tires and wheels, used tires, used wheels, and light auto maintenance from our Hurricane, West Virginia, location. (304) 757-7980